• You are purchasing a website built on the #1 content management system on the internet – WordPress
  • Large amount of pre-loaded products (you may add unlimited items anytime) specifically geared towards your Website niche
  • Training materials
  • Easy to use Shopping Cart system
  • Products slideshow
  • Wish List
  • Product zoom feature
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Site files and database provided for easy transfer to your host, when full payment is made.
  • Optional Live Chat plugin
  • Unlimited products can be added. You are not limited to only the items provided by the dropshipper, you can add any product you choose to add.
  • Design control, change designs at anytime.
  • Coupon feature
  • Gift Card management
  • Google Analytics integration plugin
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin
  • Premium product uploading plugin Installed
  • Second free (with premium options) product uploading plugin for even more product control.
  • All products currently sourced from same dropship source (multiple suppliers used at source) for each store, to make products easier to manage. You may change your dropshipping source if you wish.
  • Set your own pricing for maximum profit.
  • Add unlimited pages.
  • Add unlimited additional free and paid plugins to expand your website’s features and functions.
  • Exclusive discount to woocommerceacademy.com, one of the leading sources to learn all about operating a successful WooCommerce site.

Anyone! Anyone, anywhere in any country that allows PayPal or one of our other available payment processors can run this business. You are not limited to working from home in the United States only. Everyone from stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads to those looking to earn a supplemental income can own a Turnkey Boutique or Turnkey online store. If you have just an hour or two a day to process your orders and do a little social marketing you have the potential to succeed with an online boutique business.

The costs of the boutiques are all listed on our website. The price depends on the popularity of the product niche, how many products have been added into the store and how extensive the stores design is. We do accept payments.

Turnkey Boutiques make money from dropshipping. This means there is a product supplier that lets you use their product photos and descriptions to add products to your website. Someone buys the products at the prices you set and all you have to do is login to your free account at the drop ship supplier and place the order using your customers name and address. The products get shipped to your customer. You pay only what the dropship supplier is asking for and you keep the balance of whatever you marked the items price up to. Example: You list a dress on your website that costs $6.00 from the drop ship supplier. The dress is listed on your website for $16.00. You keep the profit of $10.00! You are free to set your own prices as high as you like.

All sites advertised are active. They do process orders when they are received, so they are complete turnkey. However, payment gateways are not transferable and you will have to open an account with your chosen payment processor. We can provide you with links and certain information but for beginners, PayPal is usually a popular choice.

For your convenience, we have provided two ways to contact us on the site.

You can use the menu system “Contact Us” menu items.


You can easily contact us by email using our contact form HERE.

If you wish to open a support ticket, please use the “Sales & Support” icon located on all pages of this site or by using our Support Ticket system located HERE.

If you are not a member of this site, you will need to register and then log in to use the Support System.

If you are a member of this site, you will need to log in to use the Support System.

Yes we do. If you don’t have the money to purchase your online store up front we can assist you with an easy payment plan. Please check the payment plan option during checkout. We will keep your turnkey boutique on our servers (no hosting fees!) while you continue to make your payments. You will receive the rights to your full website and domain name once your last payment is made, this includes admin access. While your payments are being made you will have no access to your WordPress Admin panel until after you make the final payment.

Absolutely. Once you purchase your store we don’t “run away”. Turnkey Boutiques will be there to help you figure out your WordPress plugins and store functions. We have a support ticket system to help assist you after your purchase.

We also provide you with an exclusive discount coupon to WooCommerce Academy.

Yes! If you don’t see a store selling the types of products that you would like just contact us for a quote to get your custom niche boutique created.

All of our Turnkey Boutiques are pre-made and active. You will need hosting and an account with a domain registrar.

No, hosting is not included in your turnkey boutique purchase.

You are free to host your website anywhere you prefer.

We will provide you with site files and database to facilitate the move from our servers to yours.

If you would like us to move the site from our servers for you, please let us know. We do charge a minimal feel for that service.

Please open a support ticket HERE and we will let you know what that cost would be.

If you don’t have hosting and would like us to recommend a host, please open a support ticket HERE.

We are happy to do what we can to assist.

Yes and no. The answer depends on the way you want to use your own domain name.

If you want to forward your domain name to the domain the existing shop is on, if your domain name registrar supports domain forwarding, you can use your domain name in that way. You can even mask the domain name so that when a visitor visits the shop using your domain name, the URL will reflect your forwarded domain name.

If you wish to change the domain name from the current domain name for one of our shops, no. Turnkey means “complete, ready to use”.

If you want a custom made site for a domain of your choosing, please contact us. We do provide custom shops to fit customer domains. In those cases, please open a support ticket.

Please note, if you need custom logos, we can assist with that as well.

You can run your store from ANY country in the world! Your products can be sold to anyone in the world. All of the pre-stocked drop ship products loaded into your store come direct from China and can be shipped to any other country in the world.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

We do not provide hosting by default. Under some extreme circumstances, we will host for a temporary amount of time such as when using our lay-away plan.

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